S2 – Non-Binding Copper Socks

Non-Binding yarn with Spandex hugs leg without restriction
Hand linked smooth toe seam for extra protection
Technologically advanced Moisture-Guardâ„¢ wicking system
Extra cushioning option for superior comfort & shock absorption
Doctor recommended for diabetes
Sizes – M, L, XL
Needle Count – 84

Product # Color Description
S2000 Black Extra Cushion, Crew
S2001 Black Extra Cushion, Ankle
S2200 White Extra Cushion, Crew
S2201 White Extra Cushion, Ankle
S2500 Black Crew
S2700 White Crew

Shoe Size Medium Large X-Large
Men’s 4-8 8-12 12-15
Women’s 5-9 9-13 –

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