0241 – Swede-O VERSI-SPLINT


The Versi-Splint is a great ankle brace for immediately after an injury. It is designed to provide cold therapy and compression for a recently injured ankle. After the ankle heals, a lace-up or hinged style brace is recommended to help prevent further injury. IMPROVED: Larger gel area for a more all encompassing cold therapy option.

  • Gel in lower area allows for all in one cold therapy option, without having to use a separate cold pack.
  • External heel pad adjustment allows for easier fitting without removing entire brace.
  • Universal contoured medial and lateral shell fits right or left ankle, reducing inventory costs
  • Heavy-duty 10 mil vinyl bladder offers increased durability and patient comfort. 
  • Closed cell foam in bladder reduces bulk.
  •  Ultralight components increase patient comfort while providing maximum support and compression.
  • Thin heel pad is more comfortable and easier to fit in regular shoes.
  •  The Versi-SplintT provides a unique combination of cold therapy, compression and patient comfort.
  • Available in white only.

 Patient Height

Versi-Splint Size

Versi-Splint Height

    5’2″ or less 



    5’2″ to 5’5″



    5’5″ or taller




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